Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Tying it all up

Various odds and ends so you don't think we've pulled the pin, or merged with another blog...

The injury list currently sits at two. With Phil Read out for at least one more week with a hamstring injury, and Daniel Ward out with a shoulder injury for another two months minimum. Alastair Nicholson is free to play on Saturday if required.

Speaking of Saturday, as we weer, Neale Daniher (almost) says the Bulldogs can jam the flood up their collective Bulldog backsides,

Melbourne coach Neale Daniher is not concerned with the growing trend of clubs using the flooding tactics, ahead of Saturday's clash with the Western Bulldogs.

With Rodney Eade's team repeat offenders of the infamous method, Daniher appears to be unfazed and believes that flooding is not something exclusive to the Dogs.

"There is a lot of flooding in all games. All clubs flood, so it's not unique to the Western Bulldogs," Daniher said.

"Carlton were probably the biggest flooders of all teams in the Wizard Cup, so I guess it sort of hangs around with Rodney because of his Sydney Swans days, but all teams flood at different degrees of flooding, so it's been around for seven or eight years."

What does concern Daniher is the threat of spectators becoming frustrated at teams constantly applying the flood, and consequently, the game losing part of its appeal.

Neale Daniher is never concerned. The man has ice in his veins. Even after that infamous Geelong game in 2003 when half the crowd were displaying homicidal tendencies and some yobbo leant over the race to give him a spray he didn't flinch. I applauded the yobbo at the time, and I still do now. As long as it's not a literal spray, Richmond style, I'm all for it. They know we secretly love them...

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