Thursday 11 October 2007

RIP - The Man Who Couldn't Kick

So it's farewell Travis Johnstone.

TJ was like Saddam Hussein. Always threatened to do something interesting, but only ever really let rip once (Gulf War I = 2002). Now Dean Bailey has done his best GWB impersonation and made the decisive move that his predecessor was unwilling to. Whether it ends up as big of a farce as the second Iraqi excursion is anyone's guess.

If he's a raging success in Brisbane good luck to him. I'd rather see our ex-players playing well than anyone else. Brace yourself, though, for the sort of "I'm never buying a membership again" wankathon that followed the Woewodin trade. How exactly did that end up hurting us in the end? You can question the fact that we payed them for him to play, but the player trade side of it never did us any harm. The club is bigger than any player - we will endure no matter who they sack, and anyone who walks just because somebody has been traded is obviously a tip rat anyway.

It's a good move. I support it. The only problem is the fact that even though Sydney are crawling all over him we've gone and declared Brad Miller as a required player. The New Junkyard Dog, Dean Bailey, had better have something special in store because I fail to see where Miller hasn't already been played with mediocre results.

P.S - Welcome John Meesen. I wouldn't know who he was if he robbed me in the street, but he's a better person for having signed with us.