Friday 29 January 2010

As of 29/01/10 the top 10 most searched for players on Demon Wiki are;

1 - Allen Jakovich (Finally something for his fans after being DUDDED out of the 150 Heroes)
2 - Jim Stynes
3 - Andrew Lamprill - !?
4 - Peter Maynard - !!??
5 - David Schwarz
6 - David Cordner (First time he's even been ranked #1 Cordner I'm sure)
7 - Garry Lyon
8 - Brendan Van Schaik (A massive groundswell of support for somebody who never played a game)
9 - Ron Barassi
10 - John Meesen

It's almost tempting to take Barassi out rather than let him be stuck in the middle of those two. Just to take the piss even more, Craig Nettelbeck outranks Robbie Flower.

Monday 11 January 2010

Demon Retro

I'm loving the 7TWO fiesta of old games in the middle of the night. If I could work out a painless way to get my recordings onto the computer then I'd be in heaven.

Still, just seeing ludicrous sights like Andy Lovell's hair and John Howat playing finals football is worth it.

And if nothing else, who remembers this gimmick?

The slightly pink fellow, still sporting the pre-1987 electric blue porno jersey would bounce in on his trident make a noise that sort of sounded like Fat Albert, spin around and highstep out of picture backwards. It was the best gimmick ever. The only thing that ever came close was the scoreboard at Waverley where they would introduce the match officials by showing a cartoon of an umpire being bottled off the park.

Incidentally the 1988 Elimination Final which was on last night looms large in my life as a Melbourne fan. As you might have read on here before, I was a youngster in Hawthorn who hated the Hawks and vowed to go for whoever played them in the Grand Final that year. Had Garry Lyon not snapped one out of his arse with a minute left, and had Murray Wrensted not botched his kick on the run with ten seconds to go I'd be theoretically be a West Coast, Collingwood or Carlton fan now. The second two are a fate worse than death.

So thanks Murray. Of the four teams left, three of them have something very important in common and its got something to do with A BIG FUCK OFF TROPHY IN THEIR CLUBROOMS.

Err anyway. Roll on 2010? And because I never got around to doing my own, make sure you read the Bartram_Class Top Ten Wins of the Noughties thread - if only to confirm that you'll never have to see the word "NOUGHTIES" used again.

P.S - Demon Wiki. Need I say more? Touch it, stroke it and love it but buy it dinner first.