Tuesday 14 November 2017

The Melbourne Football Club's Greatest Hits

Join Adam 1.0 and @DemonsBeth for this irregular six part off-season series reliving the excitement, drama and outrage of some of the Melbourne Football Club's most memorable modern moments.

Warning - we're enthusiastic amateurs not Rick Rubin, so like Robinson Crusoe it's as primitive as can be. Next episode at some time before Round 1, 2018.

Episode 2 - Fear of Flying
Grand Final 2000
Saturday 2 September
Essendon vs Melbourne

Featuring bonus chat about Mexican harness racing drugs, and whether the lady from Bachelor Girl sprung her boyfriend from jail in a daring helicopter escape.

Episode 1 - Breathing into a paper bag
Round 10, 2012
Saturday 2 June
Essendon vs Melbourne

We were 0-9, they were 8-1. What could possibly go right? Coverage of second half action from the MCG...

This is a Brunton Avenue Will Be Closed For 20 Minutes After The Match At The Discretion Of The Police Operational Commander Publishing production.