Thursday, 3 March 2005

Relocation special

Goodbye Junction Oval, goodbye Sandringham, goodbye Victoria Park. Hello Swan Street,

The establishment of a new home ground could be a turning point for Melbourne, "the wanderers of the AFL", coach Neale Daniher said yesterday.

Speaking after it was revealed in The Age yesterday that the Demons were close to securing a home at Olympic Park, Daniher said the prospect of finally settling down after using Junction Oval as a base for 10 years was terrific.

"It's quite exciting, we've been the wanderers of AFL," Daniher said while his squad trained at Collingwood's old home ground, McHale Stadium. Highlighting the Demons' problem, Junction Oval will be unsuitable for football training until a pitch is removed at the end of the cricket season.

"I think it will be terrific for our playing group, our club, our sponsors. It will be a turning point given we've been everywhere for the last 20 or 30 years," Daniher said.

Red hot prediction: Within five years of the place opening the Storm and Victory will have folded. If we're lucky.

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