Sunday 13 March 2005

Now we go to school...

Hands up who else fell to their knees and started thanking the football gods for their bounty when you heard this news. Well I did anyway - in a service station in Nunawading.

Essendon spearhead Matthew Lloyd could be back in action sooner than originally thought, after breaking his arm in Friday night's Wizard Regional Challenge match against Geelong.

Lloyd is optimistic about a return in round three against Hawthorn, which is a positive sign for the key Bomber, given that he was originally quoted a six-week recovery period.

The gun full-forward left hospital on Sunday morning after undergoing surgery to repair the broken bone in his forearm.

Lloyd is hopeful of a speedy recovery process, to enable him to line up for the Bombers' clash against the Hawthorn on April 10.

Does this mean we're a red hot lock to win in round one? Certainly not - but it does a lot for taking out their biggest strength and helping us with our giant weakness. Suddenly I'm more confident. It's taken this to do it. What a disgrace.

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