Sunday 13 March 2005

The Filth and the Fury

Buried deep in a far less exciting story about Brad Green being elevated to the leadership group is this world class comment from MFC President Paul Gardner,

"You never know, this might be our year, I reckon we're a chance," Gardner said.

"We'd like to really crack 27,500-28,000 (members). Who knows, maybe even hit 30,000 and make the AFL sit up and take notice that this club isn't just the Melbourne Football Club, it's the football club of Melbourne and we are back in town."

Gardner, excited by the eagerly anticipated round one clash against Essendon on Easter Saturday, had a clear message for the Bombers.

"Let's pump the Bombers. I'm sick to death of the Bombers. Let's get rid of the Bombers," Gardner told the crowd.

What passion! What unbridled fury! No President of our club has fired up so comprehensively since they tried to shaft us into a merger with Hawthorn. "Let's get rid of the Bombers". What a quote. HAIL THE GREAT MAN.

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