Tuesday, 8 March 2005

It's oh so quiet...

For an AFL pre-season there's precious little MFC related news going around. In these situations we all know that the solution is to make up outrageous rumors and cause controversy - so get started. I'll start - I heard somebody in a bar say that Neale Daniher is going to get the arse and Jeff Hilton will take over as coach by Round 6.. FACT. See how easy that was? Now you try.

Other than that the only story sparking the slightest interest is the "Yze ready for Round One" bombshell.

Melbourne midfielder Adem Yze is confident that he will be available for the Demons' Round One clash with the Bombers, after crunching his shoulder in Melbourne's Wizard Regional Challenge Series match in Lavington on Friday night.

Initially it was thought that the resilient Yze had broken his collarbone - an injury which would have ended his streak of 178 consecutive matches since 1997.

When Yze collided with St Kilda forward Brent Guerra, he instantly thought the worst.

"No doubt, I was a little bit worried there for awhile, but it's just a bit of bruising and a jarred shoulder, it's probably something that I wanted to hear, and yeah, it's a good result," Yze said on Monday.

During this official lull in proceedings feel free to peruse a message board and see what kind of complete lunacy you can come up with.

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