Monday, 7 March 2005

Retro Repost

With all the MFC related news today about The Terminator and his round one comeback I've had to resort to the oldest move in the book and bring out a post from last season.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my 'review' of last year's Wizard Cup semi-final. Sit back, light a cigar - as all Melbourne fans are legally obliged to do - and take a trip down memory lane.

And that's the end of that

OR.. How I saw Melbourne’s last chance of winning anything ever go out the window.

Yes I was one of the 18000 odd there tonight to see Melbourne do their now traditional folding under pressure in the last quarter and go down to Geelong in the Wizard Cup semi final.

* Shockingly I have no complaints with the Dome tonight. The turf was actually decent and they were kind enough to let us plebs sit in the expensive seats without having to sell our livers to shadowy internal organ dealers in Bangkok to fund it.

* The lesser lights shone. Scott Thompson is going to be a star and Aaron Davey appears to be closer in talent to Jeff Farmer than Scott Chisholm.

* There are signs. Good signs. With some more confidence we could (COULD) have a decent season. Probably finish last now.

* We wouldn’t have beaten either of the sides we would have played in the final.


* Pissweak crowd again. You’d be lucky to get our fans to go out to Telstra Dome if you kidnapped their kids and threatened to kill them. No matter what the venue is you should always go to support your team if you claim to be a ‘massive’ fan. If your team decides to play for Premiership points in Amsterdam you at least should seriously investigate the possibility of going to see it.

* The defence. Nicholson was outplayed by everyone and Carroll never had the chance to bring his shocking hairstyle onto the field. It looks as if the great “shaft Chris Lamb�? campaign is on again this season as well. He would have fit in nicely tonight.

* Big guns fail to fire. Yze, Bruce, Green, McDonald, Brown not seen to fire a shot.

* The umpiring. They didn’t seem to understand the rules, giving a relay free-kick as 6 points in the first quarter and then 9 in the last (and we still lost).

* We lost. By a point. To a side who severely lack stars. Kent Kingsley has best days of the year against us.

We’ll be playing some shitty regional challenge match in Manangatang next week.

Managatang? Kidnapping people's kids? What an era. I was informed, post game, that Green actually had a ripper and that I couldn't call a game to save my life. That's got to fill you with confidence for the season to come...

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