Wednesday 16 March 2005


Motlop is in. Pending the approval of some second rate pub team...

MELBOURNE has struck a snag in its bid to add Kangaroos premiership player Shannon Motlop to its list as a replacement for tsunami victim Troy Broadbridge.

Motlop is believed to have signed with the Demons at the weekend, when recruiting manager Craig Cameron went to Darwin to watch him play.

But North Adelaide is incensed it has not been consulted over a possible release for Motlop, who is contracted to the Roosters for the 2005 season.

North Adelaide chief executive Glenn Elliott said last night he had heard on the "grapevine from Darwin" that Motlop had signed with the Demons.

"We've heard they've got Shannon to sign some papers," said Elliott, a former St Kilda and Melbourne player.

"It will be welcome to the real world for Melbourne; he is a currently contracted player and they've been aware of that all the way along the road.

"We'd have thought that, given the professionalism of football, this may well have been handled in a far more forthright and upfront manner."

Give them a slab of VB, free tickets to our away game against Port and a free Quarter Pounder voucher from Glenelg McDonalds and piss them off. Welcome Shannon Motlop!

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