Wednesday 9 March 2005

That was unexpected...

Suddenly a new contender emerges. Family connections! Premiership player! Get excited? Maybe.

Melbourne coach Neale Daniher has confirmed that 1999 Kangaroos premiership player Shannon Motlop is in contention to be the club's replacement player for Troy Broadbridge, who tragically died during the December Indian Ocean tsunami disaster.

Motlop, 26, who played 54 matches for the Kangaroos from 1999-03, has since been playing for North Adelaide in the SANFL and has also played football in his native Northern Territory over the summer.

Sign him up. The alternatives are too distressing to consider,

Along with Motlop, Daniher confirmed former AFL-listed players Kris Barlow, Adrian Cox and Justin Blumfield were still in contention to replace Broadbridge.

Interestingly, Daniher didn't entirely rule out Barlow, who has since stated his intentions to remain with Vermont in the Eastern Football League in Victoria, after he was delisted by Hawthorn at the end of the 2004 season.

"Either myself or (Melbourne recruiting and list manager) Craig Cameron will have a chat with him today, but it is well documented that Kris is coming on 32 with a young family and we respect his decision, if he decides that AFL is probably not a live option for him at the moment - we respect that," Daniher said.

Vermont indeed. If the place was good enough for Andrew Lamprill it's good enough for Kris Barlow. Leave him there.

I hear Allen Jakovich is still without a club for the new season...

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