Monday, 21 March 2005


From The Age,

The last time Melbourne played Essendon, Troy Broadbridge delivered a performance that epitomised the qualities of the quiet, emerging defender and his place within the Melbourne Football Club.

He had been given a great task - to try to hold back Essendon champion James Hird - and the dedicated worker rose to the occasion of the elimination final and delivered what many consider to be the finest performance of his 40-game career, which began and ended in matches against the Bombers.

On Saturday night, exactly three months after Broadbridge was swept away in the Boxing Day tsunami that devastated countries and hundreds of thousands of lives, Melbourne again confronts Essendon, this time in its 2005 season opener.

It will do so in a swirl of emotions as the players run out on the MCG without Broadbridge. While former Kangaroo Shannon Motlop came on to the list last week, all at Melbourne know that Broadbridge cannot be replaced.

On Saturday, tributes will be paid to him with the wearing of black armbands and a minute's silence. To mark the new season, 2005 red balloons will be released plus another 20 in honour of the red-headed Broadbridge's guernsey number

Dear Essendon fans. If you are planning to ruin the minute's silence by yelling out something 'hillarious' then I advise you to pre-book your dental appointment for Monday morning. It's over if one prick yells out...

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