Monday 1 August 2005

We Are The World

As you may have heard somewhere - the Melbourne Football Club 2005 season has officially passed away. I'd like to say "rest in peace" but I will, instead, say "rest very badly you softcocks". Read this if you're really interested in the full story of my massive mental meltdown on Saturday. If you'd rather just see it in pictures go here instead - you sadistic bastard.

The reason we're here today is to pay musical tribute to Colin "Wave of the Future" Sylvia who, after being dropped for no good reason, did his shoulder in the 2nd's and is out for the entire season. Now just as the rest of the squad have died or been suspended and there's every possible chance of the clowns in the coaches box letting him play four quarters he's out. Sport is rotten - never get involved in it.

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Download: Pulp - Sylvia (5.5mb)

Not specifically concerning the great man himself, especially given that it's about a woman, but there's more then a few clues in the lyrics,

She's living in the country now (country = the reserves)
Oh, she's trying to get better (*sob* injured)

Who's this man you're talking to? (N. Daniher?)
Can't you see what he wants to do? (Well nobody else can by the look of it)

Yeah you know that you deserve better. (CORRECT. Sandringham is for Luke Williams. Not the Wave of the Future)
Oh Sylvia. (*wail*)

Even more impressively the song was released in 1998 (album - This Is Hardcore = criminally underrated), predating Colin's debut by a full six years.

Get well soon. Because the rest of our list isn't.

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