Friday 26 August 2005

Sunday Scoreboard

So.. this is it. We play Essendon on Sunday and by that point will know for sure that nothing other than a win will put us in the top 8. Now, it's not as important for us to make it as it is to Richmond fans who have seen two finals series in twenty years, but it would be nice to get amongst the 8 and hope that a round of ritual animal sacrifice can see us pull a wild fluke and win the flag.

Now.. Suicide Sunday was almost called off due to our outrageous last fortnight of thrilling wins but due to huge public support it's BACK ON - and will be renamed Celebration Sunday if we make the 8, and the toaster will be used for making food instead of topping ourselves.

The details?

When: Sunday, August 28th from 5pm onwards
Where: The Joint - upstairs at the corner of Elizabeth Street and Flinders Lane, Melbourne
The agenda: Wild celebration or anti-Essendon paranoia.
RSVP: Pff.. You act as if we're organised

Look out for this guy (pictured amongst post Geelong scenes of jubiliation),

Image hosted by

He's my.. erm.. twin brother.

See you there - win, lose or arrest.

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