Saturday 20 August 2005

Greatest game ever hangover

I still haven't recovered from last week. If we get done over this week I'll choose to think that the season ended at 4.52pm last Saturday afternoon.

Any idea why Ferguson was dropped so we could have Carroll and Nicholson in the same forward line? I'm flummoxed. No surprises that Bizzell has been given the arse though, given that he's done nothing for weeks.

I won't even be at the game. I think we'll get done. First person to comment with votes gets to have them counted towards the Player of the Year votes.

Demonblog sez: Footscray by 16

UPDATE - It's not by personal choice that I won't be there, I've already ditched work once last week to go and another would be pushing it. Sadly BigFooty don't pay me enough (or anything for that matter) to write full time for them.

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