Monday 8 August 2005


Still here? You're probably the only one. Anyway, for too long the players of clubs have had all the fun drowning their sorrows at the end of a long season - but what about the long suffering fans? Where's our chance to get arrested? They call it Mad Monday, but we're now proud to announce that Every Day Is Like Sunday is presenting (in association with our major sponsors Gilette and Johnny Walker) the first annual,


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What?: End of Season drinks and seasonal post-mortem with the MFC internet fan community

When?: The moment the final siren goes in Round 22 (Sunday August 28th vs Essendon @ the MCG)

Where?: Somewhere in the city where there won't be any fans of other clubs.

Why?: Drown your sorrows amongst friends as we unite all the Melbourne FC online groups for the first time in a mass sobfest to mourn the season that never was

Suggestions on venue to SUPERMERCADO at DEMONBLOG.COM

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