Thursday 4 August 2005

Oi You

You will not see the following image if you are involved with the Melbourne Football Club in 2005.

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But thanks to Every Day Is Like Sunday you, the humble football supporter, can still be a winner even when your team has fallen apart faster than Michael Jackson's face. For anyone who has forgotten it (i.e everyone) our FANTASTIC FOOTY FLASHBACKS competition is still on. We have one framed group of Melbourne trading cards (2004 "top 8 side" model featuring Chris Lamb) to give away to the person who sends in the best shot of them posing with a Melbourne player.

We currently have one entrant who has ripped out shots of her with BOTH Cockatoo-Collins brothers and Duncan O'Toole. Duncan O'Who? Exactly. Top that. Entries close the minute we are mathematically unable to make the Final 8.

Send your entries to SUPERMERCADO at DEMONBLOG.COM immediately. My dream of finding Simon Eishold and paying him $20 to deliver it to your house personally may have died in the arse but it's still a prize worth winning.

Special thanks to our major sponsors Big Footy and Footyblogs

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