Thursday 4 August 2005

Special Crisis Updates. More News at 11

I wrote a substantial post on the changes for Saturday's game. Then I closed the window without saving it. This is a metaphor for our season. On that note fuck the analysis, just read them and weep..

IN: Rigoni, Godfrey, Motlop, Bell, Nicholson, Brown, Armstrong
OUT: Bruce (knee-medial), Green (fractured finger), Carroll (concussion), Neitz, (strained knee), Whelan (susp), McDonald (shoulder), Johnstone (flu)

Now why exactly Travis Johnstone had to get the flu this week rather than any other is a mystery to me - and further proof as far as I'm concerned that there is no god - but given the black death style plague that has befallen us it's to be expected. Our resources are so stretched that Cameron f'ing Hunter has even managed to score a spot amongst the emergencies, and he hasn't played (or put on a pound) in two years.

Speaking of people who haven't been seen for two years I'm starting a pressure group to bring Nick Smith back. Sure he only played 2nd's for Sandy last week but it's just the kind of wild gimmick selection we need to throw the cast amongst the pigeons,

Vote 1. Contact your member of Parliament.

The Demonblog Prediction: After seeing our side they certainly won't be playing the shitty defensive football they did when we beat them earlier in the year. Goals, goals, goals and Adelaide by 74 points at least.

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