Wednesday 13 April 2005


I guess it's karma for all the shit we hung on Byron Pickett for copping six weeks earlier in the year but we've just been bent over and shafted by the AFL tribunal,

Melbourne is considering an appeal against the decision by the AFL Tribunal last night to suspend onballer Brent Moloney for two matches for rough conduct against former Geelong teammate Jimmy Bartel in last Friday night's game at the MCG.

Moloney was found guilty by the three-man panel of Wayne Schimmelbusch, Richard Loveridge and Barry Stoneham despite video evidence that appeared to show no significant contact with Bartel and expert evidence from sports medicine doctor Peter Larkins that Bartel was knocked out when his forehead made heavy contact with the playing surface and not by any action of Moloney's.

"We're disappointed with the result and we'll give it some consideration over the next 12 hours," Melbourne football manager Chris Fagan said. He left the hearing without making any further comment.

How can you get two weeks for that? What a farce. If this leads to Luke Williams being promoted to the MFC senior side I'll burn the tribunal down.

Not only this but Matt Whelan is out for three weeks as well. He's not allowed to get injured unless it's finals time. It's all unravelling.

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