Friday, 15 April 2005

End of the Road?

You'll notice, as the years go on, that this page will do a very nice line in negative thinking. You think that's bad? Try sitting next to me at a game.

On that note when I saw the following,

IN: Nicholson, Armstrong, Heffernan, Godfrey, S.Motlop
OUT: Whelan (hamstring), Moloney (susp)

I almost collapsed. Which of those 5 could possibly replace Whelan? We're all going to die etc.. My uncultured reading of the situation would have Bizzell playing the Whelan role, Rigoni playing the Bizzell role, Armstrong playing Rigoni and one of Heffernan or Godfrey sitting on the bench all day doing squat.

Await further instruction.

UPDATE - Congratulations Nathan Brown and Guy Rigoni on 100 games.

It is one of the hoariest cliches in football - grab your opportunities while they're there because they may not come around again.

For Guy Rigoni and Nathan Brown - two self-confessed battlers who will each play his 100th game for Melbourne this week against St Kilda - football life has echoed the cliche.

Rigoni is 30, Brown will be 29 in August. Each was taken well into the 1997 draft - Rigoni at pick 77 after being delisted by Hawthorn, Brown at 66 as a mature-age player from West Adelaide.

And congrats to Daniel Bell on game six...

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