Wednesday 13 April 2005

I concur

Who's comparing? Shoot them.

Melbourne coach Neale Daniher says it is far too early to compare his 2005 ladder leading team with the Demons' 2000 grand final team.

The Demons are one of just three unbeaten teams after the first three rounds of this season but such has been their early dominance they have already opened up a 30 percent gap at the top of the ladder.

And after thrashing one of last year's preliminary finalists in Geelong last week, the Demons get their chance to take on another of last year's big four this week in St Kilda.

What a farcical suggestion. Clearly this year's side shits ALL over the one that lined up, and was porked by, Essendon on that fateful day.

The survivors
Brad Green, Russell Robertson, Jeff White <-- older, wiser and significantly better.
Travis Johnstone <-- peaked in 2002, still threatening to run wild
David Neitz, Adem Yze <-- still killing it after all these years
Guy Rigoni <-- coming towards the end but has somehow managed to end up back in the side playing well.

The changes
Ben Beams OUT, Cameron Bruce IN
Matthew Collins OUT, Jared Rivers IN
Jeff Farmer OUT, Aaron Davey IN
Steve Febey OUT, Matthew Whelan IN
Brent Grgic OUT, Colin Sylvia IN
Anthony Ingerson OUT, Ryan Ferguson IN
Andrew Leoncelli OUT, Brock McLean IN
Anthony McDonald OUT, James McDonald IN
Stephen Powell OUT, Brent Moloney IN
David Schwarz OUT, Brad Miller IN
Troy Simmonds OUT, Mark Jamar IN
Peter Walsh OUT, Clint Bizzell IN
Alistair Nicholson OUT, Daniel Bell IN
Daniel Ward OUT, Nathan Brown IN
Shane Woewodin OUT, whoever I've left off this list IN

Infinitely better. INFINITE. Some of those are obviously more important than others, and I'd kill to have Anthony Ingerson and Anthony McDonald back (and Matthew Collins was a hero) but you can't tell me you'd rather have Beams than Bruce.

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