Thursday 28 April 2005

Official changes

Speculation over. It's official.

IN: Holland, Moloney
OUT: Jamar (calf), Sylvia (ripening)

Now, in a wild turn of events I'm actually accepting this. I'm not sure where Jamar's dubious calf came from, and Jeff White is going to doing some serious rucking in his abscence but I understand that a different forward line setup is required for the MCG, as opposed to the SCG which is the size of a public park. You want more tall players, and let's face it Sylvia hasn't exactly set the world on fire yet - let him kill it in the 2nds for a week or two and then reissue, repackage and re-evaluate.

BUT if Holland is going to end up as the backup ruckman then god help us all. Surely we learnt our lesson about people who can't play the position with Nicholson's shithouse performance against Footscray? SURELY. Lucky that the Dockers don't have their usual ruckman who is about three stories tall.

What's going to happen? Absolutely no idea. Melbourne by 412 points with a 32 goal final quarter. Daniel Bell to kick 17. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. Unless you're a Dockers fan and then you can cram it.

Meanwhile, in news from across the cultural divide...

The big selection news for the Magpies ahead of Sunday's clash with St Kilda is the axing of Shane Woewodin.

The 2000 Brownlow Medallist was dismal against Essendon on Anzac Day and can't even win a place in the 25-man squad.

Poor Woey has jumped the shark. Maybe the Pies will trade him to a team where it's not socially unacceptable to wish him well. Something tells me he won't be back at Melbourne anytime soon.

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