Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Hail to the chief!

Did I ever post about how much I loved and respected Peter Schwab in his time as Hawthorn coach? No, of course I didn't. But I should have,

I heart Schwabby...

After its first loss of the season on Sunday, Melbourne received some good news last night when a report against Brad Miller was dropped and Aaron Davey escaped without a suspension.

I officially kissed the ground when I saw that. But this doesn't make much sense,

Melbourne's livewire Davey was reprimanded for striking St Kilda veteran Justin Peckett, but with his good record, the incident activated less than the 100 points needed for a suspension.

It was also a relief for Miller that his report for rough conduct against Andew Thompson was dismissed.

The forward received a reprimand last week for a similar incident and would have faced a suspension had he been found guilty.

Injured Demon midfielder Cameron Bruce said his teammate would need to be more careful. "He probably has to watch himself a little bit. He's come under scrutiny a bit, but they've all been cleared and he's been given the green light," Bruce said.

"He's a really important player in terms of his ability to impact physically and that's his strength, so hopefully he can continue to do that and not get on the wrong side of the tribunal."

Miller's one looked worse to my uncultured eyes. Seemed much more dangerous, but what do I know? Might be a square up after the farcical Moloney decision last week.

More news on Saturday night's game as the week presses on. Now that we've scored a rival on the Footyblogs.com network I'm sure we'll able to present the Wayne "Moose" Henwood Memorial Cup to the winning side.

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