Wednesday 11 May 2005

Second Coming

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I have organised several footballs into a circle and am currently committing voodoo rituals in it's midst. I suggest you do the same in the hope that it will lead to good results in this test,

A REGULATION bump and tackle during training today will decide whether Melbourne onballer Cameron Bruce has completed a remarkable recovery.

Bruce is keen to return against Hawthorn on Saturday at the MCG, as long as he can convince the medical and coaching staff that his right shoulder can stand the strain.

The brilliant Demon, who has missed three games with a broken collarbone, will be tested at some stage this week, probably near the end of a training session at the MCG this morning.

Or the club might name him in the team tomorrow night and leave it until Friday to commit him to a less public workout.

"I'll probably do all the training and then at the end of training no doubt I'll have to do some form of physical test, either with the tackling bags or another player bumping. Just the common things that happen during a game," Bruce said yesterday.

His return after sitting out only three games would be a huge boost for Melbourne, already planning to face the Hawks at the MCG without captain David Neitz and suspended key forward Brad Miller.

"I'm feeling really good and I've done everything they've asked of me. I got the arm out of the sling a couple of weeks ago and haven't looked back since," Bruce said.

"I haven't done any physical contact, any testing in that regard yet. But we'll see how we go at tomorrow's main session, and we have another one on Friday.

"I haven't felt it doing any marking over my head and every test that they've done so far. The test will come when I have to tackle or cop some bumps and stuff, but we'll see."


And the classy Demon expects to be rigorously tested whenever he does play again, as opponents probe his repaired right shoulder with bumps and tackles.

"No doubt you would be. It's a physical game, and I'm sure whatever game I come back I'll be targeted," Bruce said.

"So I'll be testing it out as well as I can tomorrow and Friday, just to make sure I'm ready. If I'm not, I'll have another week off."

I will have snipers perched on the roof of the Southern Stand ready to instantly take out anyone who goes near him.

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