Friday, 6 May 2005


I was all set to feign post-flu vaccine illness, ditch the second half of work and go to the game tonight. Then I found the reason to implement the boycott that I've been regretting that I didn't do when we had Scott Chisholm in our side on a regular basis.

IN: Sylvia, Heffernan, Williams, P.Johnson
OUT: Motlop (hamstring soreness), Wheatley (jarred knee), Armstrong, Rigoni

And that's a big fuck you. I've never taken such a stance before but this is just too much. We finally have a side with depth and decent players in reserve but we cop 145 points in a game once and suddenly the duds of the past are being dragged back up and put back in the side. Absolutely outrageous. I've got a 17 game membership, they've got my money already - screw it.

This may be seen as an outrageous stance - and posting about it furthers my conspiracy theory that Big Footy are going to beat me to death with a giant stick for letting this page slide so drastically - but it's important.

On the other hand we have a competition coming soon. That's moderately exciting. I still haven't found a good way to resolve and give the prize away but stick with it and I'll find something.

I'll be at the MCG in spirit. *sob*

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