Sunday 29 May 2005


1) Seeking insights into how the other half think? Then visit It Never Rains, But It Pours (Sydney) and Voice From The Outer (Geelong). The two latest additions to the growing Footyblogs empire. We look forward to waffling the Geelong lot later in the season and taking the Brent Grgic Challenge Cup to put aside the Craig Nettlebeck one we took from the Swans earlier in the year.

2) Remember the competition? I seriously doubt it because nobody is entering. At this point I'm declaring myself the provisional leader because the following picture has been ripped from the archives for your entertainment,

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That's me at the MFC Family Day, 1992 - Caulfield Racecourse, aged 10 and posing with the greatest man to ever set foot on an AFL field. Reader's choice on what's worse - his colossal mullet or my wildly oversized Indiana Pacers cap. Why, I'm not sure, given that I don't recall a time where I ever threatened to support the Pacers. Also of note is the "Property of LA Dodgers" shirt I've got on despite the fact that by this point I'd already started going for the Atlanta Braves. Isn't that just like a kid to sell out on a whim?

My one memory of the meeting was the great man saying "I've got that t-shirt too!" Oh god, I think I'm going to cry. Somebody hold me.

You'll also note, if you look closely enough, the pin hole through my eyes that came as the result of a teenage "I hate everything" fit.

P.S: Competition entries to SUPERMERCADO@DEMONBLOG.COM. We will obscure your face or draw over it if you want - all I want to see is people posing foolishly.

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