Saturday 7 May 2005

Friday Night's a Shite Night For Football

Stand up if you love slop football. I certainly do. Twice this year we've won when the opposition have played wild defensive football. Last week, lest we ever forget, we scored 130 points and still lost. What would you prefer? Unless your name is Andrew Demetriou the answer is clearly slop, slop and more slop along with the four points.

I wavered on my boycott until the last minute and decided to uphold it. For this reason I ended up watching it on television - and I may as well have savoured it because the quality on display last night probably condemns us to never appearing on Friday night football ever again. Given that this report is lacking my usual biting insights (!?) into crowd behaviour at AFL fixtures I've been forced to analyse the TV coverage instead.

I don't mind Eddie McGuire in a non-Collingwood capacity. Others may retch merely at the mention of his name but I've got nothing against him if he's removed from his pet subject and put in a foreign environment. On the other hand his declaration that Scott Thompson is "definately the go-to man" was followed five minutes later with "Andrew McLeod - the go-to man". Irritating.

As for Dennis Commetti I think success is starting to go to his head. In the days of old when he was nothing more than a pawn in the Channel Seven and was relegated to calling West Coast vs the Brisbane Bears while Peter McKenna and Don Scott stunk up the commentary box I used to love his cameos, and when Nine took up the rights and he was promoted to his rightful place at the peak of the commentary world I applauded. Now people expect zaniness - he's even got a book out damn it. He's still the best caller by a mile but

The game itself? Do we really have to discuss it? Why not.. I was pleased with the contribution of Heffernan and delighted with that of Ben Holland. With Brad Miller seemingly on a one man crusade to get himself fined and suspended with indisciplined acts I'm starting to prefer Holland at CHF - and I never thought I'd say that. Even Luke "Fatwa" Williams wasn't disgraced. Good luck to him - Sandringham need solid players for the rest of their VFL campaign.

More encouraging signs from Brock McLean, further proof that Brad Green is a great man and a timely cameo by Aaron Davey topped things off.

Then there's the Godfrey question. He was even much maligned by the commentary team but as he (somehow) nailed that goal after the 3/4 time siren even I was prepared to have his children. Big celebrations in Demonblog Towers. Then Eddie and Co went back to maligning him, and so did I. Next week.. OUT.

Maybe it was the fact that for the first time in god knows how many years I was watching a delayed telecast but there wasn't much tension during the tight moments of the last quarter. I did jump off my couch and run around a bit when McDonald kicked that goal from 50 out, though nothing will ever beat the celebrations after Vardy kicked that goal from the boundary line against Fremantle last year. I ran into a wall in joy that afternoon.

Now.. Your reviews of the night? Was the slop factor decreased by 10% by being in the crowd? Were you wearing a pink raincoat despite clearly not being a female? Please write in -

Player of the Year Votes

5 - Bizzell
4 - Green
3 - McDonald
2 - McLean
1 - Holland

Leaderboard when I can be bothered updating it.

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