Friday 20 May 2005

Good news

Demonblog punters will be overjoyed to know that due to a last minute cancellation amongst a group of Carlton fans I know I've been able to score a ticket to tomorrow's "RIP and Fuck Off" Optus Oval deathmatch. If I survive, and there's more than one place in the world I'd rather die than in Parkville, expect a full scale dissection of events and the beating I recieve.

Speaking of death and beatings.. Was anyone else impressed with the 6 change purge that the selection committee instigated this week? The basic summary is everyone shit (and Jared Rivers) OUT, everyone good (possibly excluding Phil Read - even if I like him) IN. Pity we always play like mince at Optus.

Here's hoping to ruin the day of a few toothless bogans. It's fair to guess there's not going to be a repeat of the greatest moment in ground history when an aggrevied Footscray fan threatened to destroy me for wearing a Melbourne jumper in 1999. Happy days.

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