Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Post match reaction

Further discussion of yesterday's events,

My train into the city yesterday was an extra "footy" train. My carriage was packed full of people in black and white, or red and blue, jumpers, scarfs, beanies and the like. There is a good atmosphere on trains like that. I generally really like it. Except yesterday there was a man- clearly with a mental disability- walking up and down the carriage asking people "Collingwood? You go for Collingwood?" really loudly right in their faces. And, if anyone said no, he SPAT on them. Right in their face. Isn't that gross. These poor girls wearing melbourne jumpers had no hope. Thank god I'd worked out the scam by the time he got to me, and I was spared his saliva.

Now, the question I ask is why exactly he was allowed to pull this stunt a second time? Mental illness my arse, you cross the line when you start gobbing in people's faces. Entire train should have united and kicked his arse.

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