Tuesday, 7 June 2005

PLF on Tour 2005 (Pt. 2)

It's almost confirmed that Every Day Is Like Sunday will be on the ground in Brisbane in a couple of weeks for our clash with the suddenly useless Lions. The only thing pending is getting a ticket, which shouldn't be too hard given the rapid rate at which the people of the Sunshine State are jumping off the bandwagon as their team slides down the ladder.

Everyone else has beaten them there this year so I'll be gutted if we get done over, especially given the amount it's costing me to go there at such short notice. At least this year I'm having my holiday first, and not after so if we lose it won't ruin my entire week there.

Coming closer to the game - a retro repost of my adventures post match last season. Thankfully a night game this time won't lead to me suffering the same fate.

Sadly we won't be in uniform as fears and concerns over international terrorism mean carrying a balaclava, no matter how well concealed, onto a domestic flight is likely to see you end up in Guantanomo Bay. Disappointing. Even more so given that I'm likely to end up sitting with my sworn enemies, the Cheer Squad, again. If they lost the plot with the Unbridled Passion 4th quarter celebration I'd declare war.

Anyone else going? Want to form a faction?

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