Wednesday 23 February 2005

Unbridled scenes of jubilation and joy in the streets of Melbourne

"Who Wants To Be A Sandringham Zebra", Australian Football's biggest reality drama since The Club, is reaching a conclusion. We're down to the final two.

MELBOURNE is likely to announce its replacement player, Justin Blumfield or Kris Barlow, for Asian tsunami victim Troy Broadbridge today.

The Demons spoke to former Hawthorn utility Adrian Cox yesterday, a day after meeting Cox's ex-teammate Barlow and Essendon premiership player Blumfield.

Late yesterday the Dees were waiting to talk to AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson to finalise details.

Although coach Neale Daniher said a decision had not been made, it was understood Cox was out of contention.

Daniher said the chosen player would be behind schedule as far as pre-season training.

"It's definitely going to disadvantage them," Daniher said. "But I think we can overcome that."

If you want to vote for Blumfield then SMS "Justin" to 014656
If you want to vote for Barlow then SMS "Kris" to 014657
If you want to bag both of them out now but have a dramatic change of heart if they turn out to be in any good then join the queue behind me.

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