Thursday 17 February 2005

Day Zero

Welcome to Every Day Is Like Sunday - the first blog dedicated exclusively to the Melbourne Football Club. In the coming months we'll be attempting to cover everything of relevance to the MFC, while taking a look at the lighter side of the sport and some of the great (and .. erm.. not so great) moments in the club's history. 

Sunday is not an attempt to rival the club's official site or any of the number of excellent independent MFC sites on the net (links pending). It will serve as a diary of our season; featuring my personal reminiscences, rants and raves. Maybe it'll be a good year and you'll be reading posts full of sunshine and love, or it'll be a repeat of 2003 and this will end up as the sounding board for paranoid conspiracy theories and outright lunacy.

Stay tuned - we'll be reprinting some classic anguish from the files of my personal blog in the weeks to come. Feel free to let fly with suggestions, complaints, (god forbid) praise and any other comments you might have. As the AFL pre-season wears on we'll be fine tuning Sunday in preparation for Round One of the Home and Away competition. Here's to a big season! 

 P.S - Do you think Morrissey would appreciate the irony in having one of his song titles ripped off for sports writing? I expect the lawsuits to start dropping on the desk any day now.

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