Tuesday 22 February 2005

Football Retro

Over the season we'll be dragging posts from the last few years out of the archives and give them the airing they deserve. Here's one from way back in February, 2003. The subject was the first round of the Pre-Season competition. 

Begin flashback mode 
I f'ing hate Colonial Stadium/Telstra Dome/Hell on Earth. Really I do. I quite enjoyed Melbourne's 43 point win over Richmond tonight, but it's all ruined by having to play at that overpriced sanitised shithole of a ground. 

 Mind you i'm not happy with the MCG since they killed my beloved Ponsford Stand, i'll have to put up with the Olympic until they knock that down and replace it with another awful Southern Stand-style atrocity. 

 Other points from tonight, a) The Wizard Cup rule changes are awful, I hope this is the last year of the madness. b) Richmond are SHIT. Brisbane would have beaten them by 150 tonight. They might run Carlton close for the spoon this year. Football, it's nice to have it back. 
End flashback mode 

As you may have guessed I was thoroughly unpleasant in 2003. I was, however, almost right about Richmond and they would finally achieve their goal of winning the spoon just one year later. Expect to see more of these retro reposts as the year goes on - I promise some of them are even coherant.

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