Friday 25 February 2005

Around The Grounds

The Age reports that Melbourne's first Wizard Cup game next year may be in New Zealand. Road trip?

The league hopes New Zealand can become a land of the long, white Australian football goal posts.

The AFL's focus on expansion has shifted to New Zealand, with community camps to be held there next year, as well as a Wizard Cup game, probably between Geelong and Melbourne.

The two clubs have been sounded out about the idea, with the Cats particularly keen as the club is popular among the burgeoning Auskick centres in NZ.

Positive strides have been made in converting predominantly expatriate playing stocks to a 50-50 split with local players.

I'm so there.

Meanwhile the Herald-Sun have dragged out their annual hillarious "let's interview the less famous Nathan Brown" story. I think the last time they did it he was waving a giant hose around.

WHEN Demon Nathan Brown's wife Tamara tells people her husband is an AFL footballer, she is often met with the same response.

"What's his name?," they ask.

"Nathan Brown," she says.

"Oh, he's a really good player. Didn't he move from Footscray or something like that?"

It's a story Brown tells all the time.

But the Melbourne backman isn't concerned about being confused with his high-profile Richmond namesake.

"That doesn't bother me, he's a gun anyway," Brown said.

I like him so much that I'll even forgive his contribution to the trend of farcical children's names,

He and Tamara are adjusting to life as first-time parents after the arrival of Kynan Sandler last month.

Brown was granted naming rights on the middle name, with actor Adam Sandler providing the inspiration.


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