Friday 1 February 2013

Demonbracket 2013

Ladies, gentlemen and MFC sympathisers everywhere. Don't do yourself in trying to work out what's going on with the Tankquiry or debating with some forum goose about whether or not a certain player is actually 'training the house down'. Instead it's time to take up your take your annual invitation to cast a vote on your preference between two MFC players based on whatever criteria you deem most important. Haircut, kind face, model of car driven or - god forbid - football ability. You decide, we compile, somebody takes home a shiny trophy which may not actually exist.

The defending champion is James Frawley who defeated Nathan Jones 35-12 in last year's final. Who will be crowned as champion this year, and whose dramatic fall will be predicted by the voters as Brent Moloney's was in 2012?

If you weren't around last year you can familiarise yourself with what went on here. For everyone else these are the key things you need to know.


The two most popular ways to vote last year were via Twitter or the relevant BigFooty thread (who are, don't forget, once again Demonbracket's major sponsor without their knowledge). If you can't or won't do it via either of those methods you can leave a comment on this post, send me an email or pass a note in the middle of the class with your selections written on it.

All times shown are AEDST. Not getting caught out on that again, but as a nod to those of you in obscure timezones I've extended the voting hours a bit for the days where there are more than round.

The draw

The leadership group are automatically seeded, this year in order of matches played after the co-captains and vice-captain. The tie-breaker for players with zero games was total AFL experience.

1. Jack Grimes
2. Jack Trengove
3. Nathan Jones
4. James Frawley
5. Colin Garland
6. Jordie McKenzie
7. Mitch Clark
8. Shannon Byrnes

The eight seeds and the next 12 most experienced MFC players go straight to the first round, and the other 12 play off in randomly drawn preliminary round matches.

And now the main event...

Preliminary Round

7am to 2pm - Monday 4 February
Matt Jones d. Troy Davis 27-19
Jimmy Toumpas d. Josh Tynan 44-2
Dean Kent d. Tom Couch 32-14

2pm to 7pm - Monday 4 February
Cameron Pedersen d. Dominic Barry 20-14
James Magner d. Dean Terlich 23-11
James Strauss d. Jack Fitzpatrick 24-10

7am to 2pm - Tuesday 5 February
Chris Dawes d. Rory Taggert 40-8
David Rodan d. James Sellar 31-17
Max Gawn d. Daniel Nicholson 26-22

2pm to 7pm - Tuesday 5 February
Tom Gillies d. Nathan Stark 28-10
Michael Evans d. Mitch Clisby 30-8
Jack Viney d. Jake Spencer 31-7

Round 1

Wednesday 6 February
1. Jack Grimes d. Mark Jamar 41-4
Jeremy Howe d. Lynden Dunn 40-5
Tom McDonald d. Matt Jones 44-1
Jimmy Toumpas d. 8. Shannon Byrnes 37-8

Thursday 7 February
6. Jordie McKenzie d. Dean Kent 61-4
Cameron Pedersen d. Neville Jetta 33-32
Jack Watts d. Aaron Davey 61-4
3. Nathan Jones d. Colin Sylvia 45-20

Friday 8 February

4. James Frawley d. James Magner 65-2
Sam Blease d. James Strauss 59-8
Luke Tapscott d. Chris Dawes 34-33
5. Colin Garland d. David Rodan 57-10

Monday 11 February
7. Mitch Clark d. Max Gawn 60-3
Joel Macdonald d. Tom Gillies 42-21
Rohan Bail d. Michael Evans 47-16
2. Jack Trengove d. Jack Viney 35-27

Round 2

Tuesday 12 February
1. Jack Grimes d. Jeremy Howe 42-23
Tom McDonald d. Jimmy Toumpas 54-11
6. Jordie McKenzie d. Cameron Pedersen 56-9
3. Nathan Jones d. Jack Watts 39-26

Wednesday 13 February
4. James Frawley d. Sam Blease 45-18
5. Colin Garland d. Luke Tapscott 37-26
7. Mitch Clark d. Joel Macdonald 59-4
2. Jack Trengove d. Rohan Bail 60-3

Quarter Finals

Thursday 14 February
Tom McDonald d. 1. Jack Grimes 36-29
4. James Frawley d. 6. Jordie McKenzie 41-24

Friday 15 February
3. Nathan Jones d. 5. Colin Garland 52-10
7. Mitch Clark d. 2. Jack Trengove 37-24

Semi Finals
Monday 18 February
Tom McDonald d. 4. James Frawley 38-26

Tuesday 19 February
7. Mitch Clark d. 3. Nathan Jones 37-30

Rest day on Wednesday 20 February for first draft Demonblog award betting markets (pre-season preview to follow after NAB Cup)

Thursday 21 February


Tom McDonald d. 7. Mitch Clark 56-41

Friday 22 February
Season starts, everyone panic.

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  1. Just having a look at round 2 of last year:
    "Mitch Clark d. Tom McDonald 30-2"
    I dare say that both players' stocks have increased quite a bit since they were 2 among about 4 shining lights for 2012...

    Also, I see no reason to wait until 22/2 to panic. Every injury report coming out of the pre-season put me into doomsayer mode.


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