Wednesday 9 August 2006

Total Anarchy

Johnstone - PROBABLY OUT
The veins in my arm - RIGHT OUT when we lose on Saturday

Dunn is a certainty. Ferguson and Miller are a chance. There is more chance of aliens landing on the MCG and abducting James Sherry (at last) than there is of Nick Smith getting a run.

Daniher is talking about Motlop. Now it's not that I'm anti-Mot but you'd think he's going to get the ass at the end of the year so is it really a good move to bring him in? They may as well do it and give him another crack - and let's not forget he did some decent work at the end of last year and in the pre-season - for want of too many other small forward options (and the last thing we want is Godfrey wandering around up front again) but it's hardly the actions of a club in rude health is it?

And as we always ask in this spot, WHERE'S PHILTHY YOU BASTARDS? The least they can do as our season goes under a rapid rate is give me my illicit man-crush in the squad.

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