Thursday, 18 May 2006

Friday Night's A Great Night For Football

So said that Bruce Willis film where the guy shot himself on the field. Actually they said Monday night was - I think it was Channel 9's NRL coverage or some such other slop that decided Friday night was the place to be. And indeed it is the place to be for Melbourne. Having just won four in a row (!) we're suddenly in some form and are running into a Hawthorn side that's starting to crack after a top start.

IN: Nobody
OUT: Likewise

Hawthorn have brought back Crawford and Jacobs. No really, please feel free to give them another week off and make sure they're alright before you bring them back to the squad. In my policy of having no interest in any team that's not Melbourne I have no idea who this Zac Dawson guy is that everyone's showering pity on in the last couple of weeks. Apparently he's a young and innocent hapless comedy figure backman, which makes you ask the question of why he doesn't play for us. Obviously this means that Neitz either kicks 10 or is the massive scalp that the kid gets under his belt to get his confidence back before launching a 300 game career. You decide. I'll err on the side of caution given recent history.

I'll be there. Probably crying somewhere when I realise the futility of sport and the meaningless of existence as we go six goals down in the last quarter. Having said that I expect that we'll win. Having said that as well it's well documented that we usually lose when I tip us so take that on board and get down to the TAB and have a monkey on the Hawks.

Last time we played them on a Friday night we won by a point and Scott Chisholm did the only good thing he ever did for us by laying a perfect goal saving tackle on a player running into an open goal in the square. Sadly in a tragicomic twist worthy of Homer (the Greek oen you cultureless swine) he was pinged for a freekick for in the back and the guy kicked it anyway. Fucking umpires.

Melbourne vs Hawthorn (The "How Come We Never Swap Any Players?" Cup)
7.40pm. Melbourne Cricket Ground
TV Coverage: Channel 9 @ 8.30 probably.
Radio: Try and slip covert mentions of Rex Hunt's world famous rooting into your talkback call to 3AW for bonus points.

Demonblog Sez: Melbourne by 13

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