Friday, 12 May 2006

Back in Business

Never fear, the match preview is BACK.

Melbourne vs Fremantle
MCG, 2.10pm - Saturday

IN: Neitz, Miller, Whelan
OUT: Brown (necked), Sylvia (necked), Holland (mediocre)

Never thought I'd see the day when the inclusion that I was most excited about was a defender. Perhaps that's a bit harsh on Neitz given that he was just starting to find some form when he was injured against Sydney but I'm sticking with it anyway. This may or may not be an attempt to tempt the football gods and have him kick nine on Saturday.

Fremantle have a good record against us at the MCG. Even when they were complete mince you could be assured that they'd at least run us to the wire down here. Now they're half decent (but only half) and have just come off rolling their greatest rivals. What does it translate to? We've won three in a row and surely that won't last so I'm going for a Freo victory.

Meanwhile as I said before I'll be at a birthday party on a moving train of all places so there's a special guest reporter lined up to take you to the limit one more time instead. He has the same name as an AFL player but as far as we know it's not the same person. Be here post-match for analysis, drama and all that horseshit you expect for now.

Demonblog sez: Fremantle by 21

Don't you wish the preview had stayed away now?

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