Wednesday 12 April 2006

Robbo Goes Off

What a legend,

The emotional Demon was burning so deeply after Saturday's loss to the Bulldogs he verbally lashed out at supporters who questioned the heart of some teammates.

"I didn't like hearing my teammates cop a mouthful," Robertson said yesterday.

"I basically told the supporters the players did have heart and they were trying.

"They were getting personal, so I snapped."

Now that I support. Not only does it prove that his heart is 100% for the club - and exactly why he's captaincy material - but it's good to see somebody finally give it back to the mutants in the crowd. I'm all for going spare at rubbish performances but the clowns who hang over the railing at the end of the game and go sick need a slapping. Sadly Robbo isn't the man to deliver,

Robertson now regrets the outburst, the end result of two disappointing losses in a row.

"Supporters have got every right to say things -- they bleed as much as we do. You should keep walking," Robertson said.

If he ever decides to reach out and belt somebody in the crowd I'm there to support him.

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