Saturday 4 February 2006

Lucha Libre

You may remember my balaclava clad shenanigans from last season. Twice (1, 2) when the game was beyond doubt the mask came on and I turned into Mr. UBP. Cue wild disgust scenes from conservative idiots in the crowd who didn't recognise what a groundbreaking piece of performance art it was.

Anyway, this year I've got a new gimmick. I hope to debut it during the fourth quarter of a big win at some point during the season. Say hello to the last untried angle left in VFL/AFL supporting. The Mexican wrestling mask,

Image hosting by Photobucket

Courtesy of the recently unmasked Cibernetico, and Ebay you'll be seeing this fine creation in all sorts of Demonblog shenanigans during the next year. Be prepared.

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