Friday 3 February 2006

It begins

It's going to be one of those seasons. I can tell.

A MELBOURNE Football Club player has been ordered not to assault his teenage girlfriend after an early-morning incident last weekend.

Colin Sylvia, the AFL's No. 3 pick in the 2003 national draft, was yesterday also ordered by a magistrate not to harass, threaten or intimidate her.

The club may now be obliged to report the matter to the AFL under the league's new policy that promotes a safe and inclusive environment for women.

Sylvia, 20, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday accompanied by his girlfriend, Elise Whichello, after police were called to a road in Albert Park at about 3.30am last Sunday.

Police saw a woman, later identified as Ms Whichello, upset and found Sylvia nearby and apparently affected by alcohol. The court heard Sylvia had allegedly threatened to kill a man who witnessed the alleged incident if he reported it to police.

Ultra farcical.

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