Monday, 11 July 2005

Flight 666

During the Brisbane fiasco of a fortnight ago (as opposed to the Port fiasco of last week or the Sydney one this week) I announced that I'd be making NO interstate trips next year. Suddenly it turns out we're playing in Launceston and the road trip is ON.

I just can't help myself. At least Tasmania, as opposed to Sydney and Brisbane, understands football and I won't end up next to a semi-retarded family of Rugby Union fans attempting to be trendy and in with the next big thing by following AFL.

This, of course, ensures by my attendance that Melbourne will lose no matter who we play.

P.S - Anyone got anything to say about to Port game? I'm far too legitmately ill to think about it and make myself worse.

UPDATE (or P.P.S if you will)

Demonblog reader Kara sends in this report,


I made the 4 hours drive from the country to watch one of this years shittest games of footy. What a trip it was listening to a bit of head banging music, cruising along at 80 (yes im an L plater) rocking up to the F*$├«ng stadium and having to park about a million miles away!! After a 20 minute walk I stumbled across a place full of ferals, other wise known as AAMI STADIUM, I walked in only to be told by some moron that we were gonna loose and he was “out to get me�? well dickhead tell me something I didn’t know. Of course we would loose our record at AAMI is terrible.

I go and find my seat after some half normal port supporter offered to help me find it (strange I know). I sat to see that we were up by a goal…. Yes it had been the first goal of the game and I tell you what I was excited I thought maybe just maybe there was a glimmer of hope in this stadium of darkness. How how wrong I could be……. First quarter went just grand good to see some passionate demons supporters were prepared to fight for their colours. Personally I am scared of people will half their teeth and look like they haven’t showered in a month. So the first quarter highlight was a big yelling match between some beautiful demons boys and some butt ugly port bastard. Oh yeah….. Miller got a leg injury talking to him after the game he’s thinking about 4 weeks?!?! Fingers crossed we looked rather dead with no key CHF.

I was not at all surprised to see a few fights break out during the course of the game on and off the field. Byron Pickett was the centre of one what a dirty dirty man he is my goodness he makes me wild. Our very own Nathan Brown may be in a bit of strife after a tiff with Cassissi and a club doc haha and the packs in brawl is bound to get some attention from the tribunal Miller although injured is bound to get in some trouble as the tribunal is out to get him….. ohh yeah and the best fight of all two port supporters having a go at each other proceeding to throw a few punches and both get kicked out….. The port supporters are as bad as the actual players.

Rivers struggled all game on Tredrea if the guy kicked straight the score would have been much worse than it actually was… what other abuse to I have to throw….. OMG (oh my god!!) I feel it is about time that the demons learn to kick straight!!! How many times did we see the ball go out on the full, get kicked over the players head, not even make the mark or was it just that pathetic that the opposition were able to jump in front of it?!?! Our defence was very very exposed as was our midfield they were able to get the ball from the middle and run to the 50 and kick a goal it was like back in high school when the year 12’s would take on the year 7’s absolute annihilation…….

The last quarter although completely out of the game gave a very small glimmer of hope a few goals and the margin for a minute was brought back to around 50 huge I know but compared to about 80 its looking good…… only for bloody Tredrea to make a few leads kick a few POINTS and give port a bit of an edge.

The best part of the game I reckon was meeting an absolute legend of a Melbourne supporter at the after match function and having a bit of a chat and a 80 year old port support using the worst language in the stadium.

My day at AAMI one I will not forget for some time!!!!

Sorry bout spelling errors, bad language and not referring to the game to often but there wasn’t a great deal to report on an absolute shit game of football to talk about!!!!
Cheers Kara

Let that be a lesson to you. Avoid the place at all costs. Let's go en masse to Aurora Stadium, sit in the Every Day Is Like Sunday section and make completely blogworthy scenes.

2005 Allen Jakovich Medal Votes (given retrospectively)
5 - Moloney
4 - Robertson
3 - White
2 - Yze
1 - Davey

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