Thursday, 27 January 2022

Demonbracket: Premiership Edition - your full voting guide

Preliminary Round
James Jordon d. Daniel Turner 154-16
Kade Chandler d. Luke Dunstan 105-50
Bailey Laurie d. Andy Moniz-Wakefield 114-43
Jake Bowey d. Taj Woewodin 118-10
Majak Daw d. Jacob van Rooyen 65-60
Joel Smith d. Oskar Baker 67-57
Toby Bedford d. Blake Howes 114-43 
Adam Tomlinson d. Fraser Rosman and Mitch Brown 117-14-13
Ben Brown d. Judd McVee and Deakyn Smith 159-4-4 

Round 1
1. Christian Petracca d. Trent Rivers 204-26
James Harmes d. Toby Bedford 167-10
Jayden Hunt d. James Jordon 102-56
8. Alex Neal-Bullen d. Tom McDonald 100-48

4. Christian Salem d. Jack Viney 133-36
Michael Hibberd d. Kade Chandler 143-29
Adam Tomlinson d. Sam Weideman 96-61
5. Jake Lever d. Charlie Spargo 119-41

2. Clayton Oliver vs Ben Brown
Harrison Petty d. Jake Melksham 122-9
Luke Jackson d. Angus Brayshaw 92-38
7. Steven May d. Kysaiah Pickett 142-98

6. Ed Langdon d. Jake Bowey 142-18
Tom Sparrow d. Joel Smith 153-9
Majak Daw d. Bayley Laurie 102-78
3. Max Gawn d. Bayley Fritsch 105-25

Round 2
1. Christian Petracca d. James Harmes
8. Alex Neal-Bullen d. Jayden Hunt
4. Christian Salem d. Michael Hibberd
5. Jake Lever d. Adam Tomlinson 

2. Clayton Oliver vs Harrison Petty
Luke Jackson d. 7. Steven May 118-104
6. Ed Langdon d. Tom Sparrow
3. Max Gawn d. Majak Daw

Quarter Final
1. Christian Petracca d. 8. Alex Neal-Bullen
4. Christian Salem d. 5. Jake Lever
2. Clayton Oliver d. Luke Jackson
3. Max Gawn d. 6. Ed Langdon 

Semi Final
1. Christian Petracca d. 4. Christian Salem
2. Clayton Oliver d. 3. Max Gawn 144-94

Third Place Playoff
4. Christian Salem vs 3. Max Gawn

1. Christian Petracca vs 2. Clayton Oliver 

Demonbracket Champions League
Frawley/T. McDonald/Jones/Viney/Gawn/Jetta/Oliver + Petracca if qualified, in a two day all time championship before we wrap this competition up for good.

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