Sunday, 26 September 2021

Ten thousand thundering typoons - early morning post-PREMIERSHIP update

That's right, you heard me. Post premiership. Melbourne. 2021. 13th flag. First without some involvement from Norm Smith since 1926. The curse has been reversed, #fistedforever is dead, and we are - comprehensively as it turns out - the best team in the world at playing Australian rules football. 

Even a couple of hours later it seems so unreal that you could convince me Goodwin and Gawn were Photoshopped into this picture:

But they're not. Everything you just saw - including when it looked for all the world like we'd been sussed and were going to blow a four goal first quarter lead - happened. Certainly shits on winning AFLX Group B. It was real, it was spectacular, and no matter where it was played, or how we got there, nobody can EVER take away from us that on the 25th of September, 2021 we saw something that never looked likely a few short years ago.

To be fair, I didn't think it was going to happen in Round 19. One mystery flight to Queensland later we haven't lost since, won a Prelim and Grand Final by 150 odd points combined and ensured not dying without seeing a flag. Pardon my French but YOU. FUCKING. BEAUTY.

Now, as tempting as it is to play the prank of a lifetime and leave you hanging, I'm going to get cracking on the real post ASAP. Could be out anytime between Sunday afternoon and the 26th of October, depending on how many times I'm going to watch the replay. Then I'll watch 186 and laugh in its face. Nothing that's happened since 1964, or in my case 1989, can hurt us now.

Love you all, much respect to the Dogs (never been so happy to lose my premiership tip at the last hurdle), and strap yourself in for a few days that will make the riots, quakes and rampant 'rona look pissweak in comparison.

But before I go for now, just one reminder:

Still can't believe it. 


  1. Pilgrims, it's been a long and arduous journey, but we have arrived.

  2. I'm lost for words, mostly because it's the witching hour (I'm working) but I can't believe we are the Premiers. I know how it happened because I watched every minute of this team's season, I just don't quite believe it. This is a team that gets Kingsley-ed, punches down, folds at the first sign of adversity. How did we get so off-brand?

  3. I'm waiting in major anticipation for this one. Thanks for all your words over the years, I hope it's all worth it for you as it had been for me!


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