Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Demonbracket 2021 - Your full voting guide

Reminder - this year all voting will be conducted by Twitter poll this year. See @demonblog for daily matches. If you don't have a Twitter account why not start a fake one for the occasion? Then you can use it to anonymously harass politicians.

Because you can't pre-schedule a Twitter poll and I keep obscure hours matches may appear at any time on the listed date and results may not be announced until god knows when. One way or the other we'll get there.

Preliminary Round
Adam Tomlinson d. Austin Bradtke 109-21
James Jordon d. Kade Chandler 71-45
Toby Bedford d. Bailey Laurie 80-44
Kysaiah Pickett d. Fraser Rosman 140-10
Trent Rivers d. Harrison Petty 121-14
Oskar Baker d. Marty Hore 75-59
Aaron Nietschke d. Jake Bowey 80-79
Ben Brown d. Tom Sparrow 104-36
Luke Jackson d. Mitch Brown 160-20

Round 1
1. Max Gawn d. Adam Tomlinson 160-10
Sam Weideman d. James Harmes 80-60
Neville Jetta d. James Jordon 142-18
8. Angus Brayshaw d. Toby Bedford 145-16

4. Jack Viney d. Kysaiah Pickett 111-47
Tom McDonald drew Michael Hibberd 76-76
Charlie Spargo d. Alex Neal-Bullen 84-72
5. Ed Langdon d. Trent Rivers 142-67

2. Christian Petracca vs Oskar Baker 221-12
Jayden Hunt vs Joel Smith 152-12
Bayley Fritsch d. Jake Melksham 121-50
 7. Christian Salem d. Aaron Nietschke 160-7

3. Steven May vs Ben Brown 166-13
Nathan Jones d. Aaron vandenBerg 106-52
Jake Lever d. Jay Lockhart 115-42
6. Clayton Oliver d. Luke Jackson 119-44

Round 2
1. Max Gawn d. Sam Weideman 121-26
Neville Jetta d. 8. Angus Brayshaw 91-74
4. Jack Viney d. Tom McDonald and Michael Hibberd 124-30-14
5. Ed Langdon d. Charlie Spargo 157-16 

2. Christian Petracca vs Jayden Hunt 158-14
7. Christian Salem d. Bayley Fritsch 114-56
3. Steven May d. Nathan Jones 125-44
6. Clayton Oliver d. Jake Lever vs 134-22 

Quarter Final
1. Max Gawn d. Neville Jetta 146-62
4. Jack Viney d. 5. Ed Langdon 106-82
2. Christian Petracca d. 7. Christian Salem 159-14
3. Steven May d. 6. Clayton Oliver 100-99

Semi Final
1. Max Gawn d. 4. Jack Viney 141-51
2. Christian Petracca d. 3. Steven May 166-38

2. Christian Petracca d. 1. Max Gawn 158-59

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