Saturday 26 August 2017

Interim post-disaster update

My contingency plan in the case of defeat was to write a full post with all the below the line shit like Banner Watch, then come back tomorrow after the final result and update it. Like our players in the first quarter I can't be bothered, so will just wait until West Coast take advantage of their second life and screw us before doing one long moan tomorrow afternoon. Should the Crows do the right thing the tone may be moderately less head-in-oven, but I reserve the right to remain upset at a choke Greg Norman would laugh at.

To summarise the game more succinctly than at any time since Round 21, 2009, it's not the loss that's getting me down most but meekly rolling over and dying in the first quarter. I could see us losing to Collingwood (though I psychologically did myself in by thinking we'd narrowly win), but to do it in those circumstances is vile. The comebacks were welcomed at the time, but felt sarcastic by the time the third had failed.

It was an arsehole of a day, and good luck to the Pies for taking advantage of our inattention to end the year on a high. There are a lot of season from 2007 onwards where I'd have loved to have wrapped up a disappointing campaign by stuffing somebody else's finals chances up (except, let's be honest here, 2009). It was one thing to think we'd win - or at the very least would be closer than five goals behind at quarter time - but this a timely reminder for the lunatics who tried to convince themselves we'd win in a canter to never trust this unreliable, shambling wreck of an organisation. You know who I feel sorry for - other than myself - Peter Jackson. I'm he's paid enough to dry his eyes on the silkiest of sheets, but you know what I mean..

Anyway, back with the full post tomorrow win or lose. I don't care that we'd be making up the numbers in the eight, or that a game against Sydney has the potential to become a massacre, just let us be finals flotsam and I'll be happy. It will be like stealing a Tatts ticket from across the counter when the shopkeeper dies of a heart attack, but at least we'll be in the lottery.

The sun will come out tomorrow, Adelaide won't and we will have nobody else to blame for spending September flicking our bits to the hits.


  1. Well, I've slept on it and I'm still not excited at the prospect of West Coast losing today after that pathetic display yesterday.

  2. Flat as a pancake. I've been living in Italy for the last 9 months and felt a bit guilty that, after years of disappointment, I couldn't get back for the finals this year. So, thanks MFC, for removing the guilt and replacing it with the feeling that my support wasn't wanted. Maybe we need to introduce a rule whereby the players actually have a salary deduction when they play like that. It would at least share the pain.

  3. True, feeling flat. But losing to that rabble on The MCG in R24 robs us of any right to play in September. Oh, and also losing to bottom four teams four times (Freo, Hawks and North twice!!!!) by 2, 3, 4, 15 points is inexcusable. We lost a lot of games from Gawn, Hogan, Jones, Watts, Viney, Salem etc. As one of the coaching panel told me after the North loss (the second one) the players are tired and sore. They petered out. And the message was writ large during the last part of the season, but especially during that Lions game. Didn't watch Saturday. Won't. Sounded pathetic. Hope they're hurting and continue to feel it thru-out the summer.


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