Thursday, 17 March 2016

Updated 2016 betting markets

Hello incorrigible punters, the markets have been adjusted based on performances in the three pre-season games and will form the numbers you'll eventually see next to the names in the Demonblog awards leaderboard.

The big winners include Jack Watts and Max Gawn, while Jack Viney and Nathan Jones have both moderately firmed - as I'm sure we all will if they keep winning.

Speaking of interesting movement, there's been a big move for Frost/Pedersen in the Stynes as we realise that if Max Gawn goes down we're in more trouble than the early settlers. Either could launch a campaign by averaging the required 10 hitouts per game after they've already polled as forwards earlier in the year

We've had reports of suspect amounts of money being placed on Jake Melksham from Lucerne so I don't know if that says anything about his chances but if you want to back him to beat the rap and walk back in to the title we're prepared to take your (fictional) money.

As always either gamble responsibly or don't, I'm not your mother.

Allen Jakovich Medal
$5 - Jack Viney
$8 - Nathan Jones
$11 - Bernie Vince, Jack Watts
$12 - Jesse Hogan
$18 - Jeff Garlett
$20 - Tom McDonald
$22 - Angus Brayshaw, Aaron vandenBerg
$25 - Max Gawn, Christian Salem
$28 - Lynden Dunn, Dom Tyson
$30 - Colin Garland
$35 - Neville Jetta
$50 - Ben Kennedy, Dean Kent
$65 - Clayton Oliver
$75 - Cameron Pedersen
$80 - Tomas Bugg
$90 - Heritier Lumumba
$100 - Jack Grimes, Alex Neal-Bullen, Ben Newton
$110 - James Harmes
$125 - Sam Frost, Christian Petracca, Jack Trengove
$150 - Chris Dawes, Matt Jones, Jay Kennedy-Harris
$190 - Oscar McDonald, Billy Stretch
$200 - Sam Weideman
$225 - Jake Spencer
$450 - Jayden Hunt, Josh Wagner, Mitch White
$500 - Liam Hulett, Viv Michie
$600 - Dean Terlich
$1000 - Max King, Mitch King
$1500 - Joel Smith
$2000 - Jake Melksham

Marcus Seecamp Medal for Defender of the Year

$9 - Tom McDonald
$10 - Christian Salem
$13 - Neville Jetta
$15 - Lynden Dunn, Colin Garland
$30 - Tomas Bugg
$40 - Heritier Lumumba, Jack Grimes
$65 - Oscar McDonald
$125 - Dean Terlich
$175 - Sam Frost, Cameron Pedersen

Jeff Hilton Rising Star Medal
NB: Oscar McDonald and Mitch White remain eligible due to debuting in the last month of the previous season.

$5.50 - Clayton Oliver
$10 - Christian Petracca
$15 - Oscar McDonald
$25 - Sam Weideman
$35 - Mitch White
$50 - Jayden Hunt, Josh Wagner
$75 - Liam Hulett
$100 - Max King, Mitch King
$150 - Joel Smith

Jim Stynes Medal for Ruckman of the Year
A reminder that as of 2015 players are eligible for this award only if they average 10 hitouts a game.

$1.80 - Max Gawn
$15 - Jake Spencer
$26 - Max King
$50 - Sam Frost, Cameron Pedersen
$150 - Mitch King, ANY OTHER PLAYER


  1. Jeff Garlett in the Jakovich market twice mate. I wana back him at $25 but not $18, which one is it?

    1. Bad news, $25 was the opening price and he has come in plenty since the first bounce. Also I will be at remedial maths classes if anyone needs me.

  2. What are the Seecamp regulations? Say, if Bernie spends half a match down the arse end each game?

    1. Last year the committee determined that you had to play 50% of games in defence. Which leaves unresolved a lot of questions about players who play 50% of 50% of the games there.

  3. Gawn not in the Jakovich market...

  4. Scratch that, he is...eyes are failing me!

    1. Probably not used to seeing a ruckman ranked so high in the market.


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