Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Demonbracket Classic 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Demonbracket Classic, your off-season distraction from fawning over draft previews and pretending to be interested in other things. As usual the main event with the 2016 list will be played in February, but for the second year in a row we keep you warmed up with an alternative fiesta of democracy.

Last season we looked at the greatest players of the modern era. This time we look further adrift to the 65 senior players who have appeared in the fewest

Some were unlucky, some shouldn't have been there in the first place, one turned out to be a hardened criminal but they've all played at least one AFL game which is more than you can say for me. They were the adequate, the forgettable, the occasionally regrettable, caretaker players of the MFC.

Now we need to find out which of these often lost players that the people prefer best.

Tournament rules
  • Vote on whatever criteria you see fit. If there's ever been a time that career success need not be a key factor in your decision this has to be it
  • Voting is to be exclusively conducted via TypeForm
  • TypeForm is mostly anonymous but don't be a nonce and vote 5000 times in what is otherwise a novelty competition
  • In the event of a draw both players will advance, except for the final where there will be a replay 
  • A short summary of the individual careers will be provided on the voting page, but for more in-depth research the links below point to their Demonwiki page
  • The decision of the committee (e.g. me) is final
  • May the most fondly remembered man win

Qualifying Round - 3 November (Top two qualify)
Craig Smoker - 36 (QUALIFIED)
Troy Longmuir - 34 (QUALIFIED)
Andy Goodwin - 33 (DID NOT QUALIFY)

Round 1 - 9 to 12 November
Gary Moorcroft d. Shane Burgmann 69-47
Alex Georgiou d. Michael Pickering 91-25
Craig Ellis d. Troy Davis 89-27
Tom Couch d. Wayne Henwood 80-36
Brian Stynes d. Michael Evans 70-46
Nick Carter d. Matthew Mahoney 62-54
Kyle Cheney d. Todd McHardy 93-23
Shane Valenti d. Stephen Wearne 101-15

Jace Bode d. Wayne Lamb 55-43
Ross Funcke d. Brad Campbell 85-13
Mark Bradly d. Michael Clark 52-46
Grant Williams d. Andrew Ford 63-35
Clay Sampson d. Michael Polley 78-20
Hayden Lamaro d. Scott Simister 55-43
Daniel Hughes d. Mitch Clark 75-23
Luke Ottens d. David Grant 77-21

Troy Longmuir d. Tom McNamara 87-19
Adrian Campbell d. Tom Gillies 65-41
Aidan Riley d. Nick Pesch 86-20
Rod Owen d. Martin Heppell 89-17
Craig Turley d. John Meesen 78-28
Shannon Motlop d. Stuart Cameron 82-24
Nick Smith d. Isaac Weetra 61-45
Trent Ormond-Allen d. Cameron Hunter 59-47

David Rodan d. Fabian Francis 92-23
Dom Barry d. Phil Egan 69-46
James Cook d. Luke Norman 80-35
Leigh Newton d. Steven Pitt 79-36
Brent Heaver d. Donald Cockatoo-Collins 68-47
Craig Smoker d. Mitch Clisby 81-34
David Cockatoo-Collins d. Josh Tynan 66-49
Robert Hickmott d. Trevor Spencer 72-43

Round 2 - Friday 13 November and Monday 16 November
Alex Georgiou d. Gary Moorcroft 79-24
Craig Ellis d. Tom Couch 67-36
Brian Stynes d. Nick Carter 78-25
Shane Valenti d. Kyle Cheney 61-42
Ross Funcke d. Jace Bode 67-36
Mark Bradly d. Grant Williams 64-39
Clay Sampson d. Hayden Lamaro 66-37
Daniel Hughes d. Luke Ottens 70-33

Troy Longmuir d. Adrian Campbell 95-16
Rod Owen d. Aidan Riley 62-49
Craig Turley d. Shannon Motlop 78-33
Nick Smith d. Trent Ormond-Allen 66-45
David Rodan d. Dom Barry 86-25
Leigh Newton d. James Cook 59-52
Craig Smoker d. Brent Heaver 69-42
David Cockatoo-Collins d. Robert Hickmott 61-50

Round 3 - Tuesday 17 November

Alex Georgiou d. Craig Ellis 69-43
Shane Valenti d. Brian Stynes 72-40
Ross Funcke d. Mark Bradly 70-42
Daniel Hughes d. Clay Sampson 62-50
Troy Longmuir d. Rod Owen 68-44
Craig Turley d. Nick Smith 59-53
Leigh Newton d. David Rodan 62-50
Craig Smoker d. David Cockatoo-Collins 84-28

Quarter Finals - Wednesday 18 November

Alex Georgiou d. Shane Valenti 58-42
Ross Funcke d. Daniel Hughes 61-39
Craig Turley d. Troy Longmuir 55-45
Craig Smoker d. Leigh Newton 56-44

Semi Final - Thursday 19 November

Ross Funcke d. Alex Georgiou 61-52
Craig Smoker d. Craig Turley 61-52

- Friday 20 November
Craig Smoker - 63
Ross Funcke - 49

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