Monday 26 January 2015

Demonbracket 2015 - Your full voting guide

The time is nearly upon us, it's almost time for the talking to stop and the action to commence. But before then, some more talking. If you've made it here I assume you know what's going on, but if not this year's preview or the 2012, 2013 or 2014 voting guides may help.

A quick recap of the rules:
  • Voting is conducted based on whichever player you prefer from the matchup on offer. Your reasons for preferring one over the other are your own and can range from playing skill to cooking skill to mad social media 'game'. Vote how you like and tell anybody who complains to stuff it up their jumper.
  • Unless otherwise noted as part of the preliminary rounds voting shall be conducted between 7am and 7pm AEDST with winners announced as soon as practicable after the closing time. Early voting shall be allowed at the discretion of the commission
  • You have to pick a winner in every match on the day for your votes to count. No splitting your vote, no "I can't decide"
  • In the event of a tie both players advance to the next round (even if this creates matches of more than two players). If the Grand Final is dawn a replay will be held on Wednesday 18 February.
  • If there's a three/four/more-way match with a tie for first place all other players will be eliminated and those on the equal first score will proceed except in the case of the Grand Final which shall be replayed.
  • Players, officials and non-MFC fans are welcome to vote as long as all other rules are followed. Social media campaigns are encouraged, but a dim view will be taken of any "vote for me and I'll XYZ" shenanigans
  • You may vote via Twitter, BigFooty, email, Reddit, Facebook, internal mail (you know who you are), verbally after stopping me in the street, via phone or any other carriage service.
The seeds
Top eight based on the highest placed players from last year's Best and Fairest who are still at the club. The remaining players have been entered in either the first round or preliminary round based on their total number of MFC games.

1. Nathan Jones
2. Dom Tyson
3. Bernie Vince
4. Lynden Dunn
5. Daniel Cross
6. Jeremy Howe
7. Tom McDonald
8. Neville Jetta

Earlier today the draw was conducted in the foyer of the Burvale Hotel with the aid of in the presence of both presence of both government supervisors and Rodney Rude who was about to do a set in the beer garden. It provided the following matches for you to cast you deemocratic verdict on:

Preliminary Round

Monday 2 February (7am to 1pm)

Jay Kennedy-Harris d. Viv Michie 53-10
Christian Salem d. Sam Frost 53-10
Billy Stretch d. James Harmes 50-13

Monday 2 February (1pm to 7pm)

Jimmy Toumpas d. Aaron Vandenberg 58-6
Aidan Riley d. Mitchell White 53-11
Oscar McDonald d. Ben Newton 36-28

Tuesday 3 February (7am to 1pm)

Dean Kent d. Max King 66-6
Max Gawn d. Jake Spencer 66-6
Jack Fitzpatrick d. Alex Neal-Bullen 50-22

Tuesday 3 February (1pm to 7pm)

Jesse Hogan d. Angus Brayshaw 66-7
Christian Petracca d. Jayden Hunt 71-2
Heritier Lumumba d. Jeff Garlett 43-30

Round 1

Wednesday 4 February

1. Nathan Jones d. Jimmy Toumpas 86-9
Mark Jamar d. Rohan Bail 77-18
Max Gawn d. Billy Stretch 85-10
Colin Garland d. 8. Neville Jetta 48-47

Thursday 5 February

5. Daniel Cross d. Chris Dawes 52-35
Jack Viney d. Dean Kent 73-14
Jack Watts vs Jesse Hogan 46-41 
4. Lynden Dunn d. Matt Jones 84-3

Friday 6 February

3. Bernie Vince d. Jack Fitzpatrick 78-8
Jordie McKenzie d. Aidan Riley 53-33
Heritier Lumumba d. Oscar McDonald 55-31 
6. Jeremy Howe d. Jack Trengove 52-34

Monday 9 February

7. Tom McDonald d. Christian Petracca 76-19
Jack Grimes d. Cameron Pedersen 64-31
Christian Salem d. Dean Terlich 93-2
2. Dom Tyson d. Jay Kennedy-Harris 85-10

Round 2

Tuesday 10 February

1. Nathan Jones d. Mark Jamar 75-7
Max Gawn d. Colin Garland 55-27
Jack Viney d. 5. Daniel Cross 55-27
4. Lynden Dunn d. Jack Watts 44-38

Wednesday 11 February

3. Bernie Vince d. Jordie McKenzie 86-4
6. Jeremy Howe d. Heritier Lumumba 75-15
7. Tom McDonald d. Jack Grimes 61-29
2. Dom Tyson d. Christian Salem 73-17 

Quarter Finals

Thursday 12 February

1. Nathan Jones d. Max Gawn 66-34
Jack Viney d. 4. Lynden Dunn 54-46

Friday 13 February

3. Bernie Vince d. 6. Jeremy Howe 63-40
2. Dom Tyson d. 7. Tom McDonald 79-24

Semi Final

Monday 16 February

1. Nathan Jones d. Jack Viney 76-27
2. Dom Tyson d. 3. Bernie Vince 68-35


Tuesday 17 February

1. Nathan Jones d. 2. Dom Tyson 56-48


  1. What about the Great White Hope-off on Feb 5!! Watts v Hogan! Could the baton of crippling premature pressure be handed over?


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