Friday, 19 April 2013

Live from Demonblog Towers


  1. If we get done for taking performance enhancing drugs while we did $500,000 worth of tanking, I'm going to have a fit.

  2. Here here.

    Beside myself. Based on those text messages, the club doc Bates must go.

    And agree with the tweet from Demonblog - a loss on Sunday should be followed by "Sack the board" protests. Time for a people's rally to let the board know how us long suffering fans really feel about the way they have run the club into the ground.

    Might not make a difference but someone needs to put some pressure on them - see Blackburn example in the UK.

  3. It is beyond a joke. I won't say it has all gone wrong because we haven't been slaughtered at home by GWS yet. (Glad it aint up there!)But that is all that is left, save for a plane crash to Brisbane next week. So, yes, it could be worse. But please Bates just take the whole hit no matter what the truth is. Lure them away and cop the bomb Doc.


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